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Markets are constantly moving. The challenge is that your product sits at the intersection of a moving market and what your business can actually deliver today. Intersection X works with startups, and larger companies, to rapidly find the right product to fit the market. We help you productize.


We identify the right go-to-market approach.


A great product needs to be brought to market the right way. We work with you to identify the right go-to-market approach for your product and your target market.  The right mix of pricing, distribution, positioning, people, process and product are key to your success. Our cross-market expertise sets us apart in our ability to find the right mix for you.


Case Studies

Commercial Drones

Product-to-Market Fit

We engaged with our client to synthesize 18 months of feedback on their early product in the nascent enterprise drone market. Our key observation was that most prospective buyers in this young market were in need of extensive education prior to making their purchasing decisions. Using that observation and our segmentation analysis, we re-focused the value proposition towards the narrower set of target segments who were ready to purchase.

In parallel, we crafted a service offering to monetize the remainder of the market's need to educate itself. The service offering was a white-glove service to our client's prospects to internally build the business plan for their drone strategy. The new service allowed our client to generate incremental revenue, accelerate the sales process and establish themselves as a trusted advisor to the prospect.

Machine Learning


Our startup client had successfully created a prototype product leveraging machine-learning technology licensed from a leading university. They engaged us to support them in launching a productized version of the technology and identifying the future product roadmap.

Our productization team worked directly with the engineering organization to establish an agile product development process to deliver the product to market. We counseled and trained the engineering team to take ownership of the process and created a continuous improvement roadmap for the product development process itself.

In parallel our go-to-market team engaged with the executives to establish the roadmap and a roadmap process.  Our efforts started with a series of workshops to distill the strategic intent for the business and product. Combining the clarity achieved from those exercises and the early market feedback, our team defined and proposed an initial roadmap.  Our team then codifed a lightweight roadmap process to enable frequent iterations to the roadmap based on market feedback.

Enterprise Software


Our startup client was preparing to launch their enterprise software application in the US. The product had been test-launched in Australia with some success and we were engaged to recommend the appropriate go-to-market strategy for the US market. We undertook a rigorous analysis of the US market to understand existing competition, appropriate target segments, pricing strategy and product positioning.

Our analysis confirmed the application's core value proposition would translate to the US market. We also identified that the US market did not exhibit the same price sensitivity as the Australian market, allowing for a higher price point. Additionally, we identified significant market opportunities unique to the US that were unavailable in the Australian market.


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