Intersection X is a California-based boutique consulting firm focused on productization. Our clients are both early-stage startups and mature companies wanting to change how they bring products to market. We specialize in answering two questions for our clients; what is the right product to bring to market? and how do we get products to market efficiently? We leverage four key pillars of expertize to deliver that value to our clients; product management, product marketing, product strategy and customer acquisition.

Founded by serial entrepreneur Ian Sweeney, our team includes alums of product thought-leading enterprises like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Lucent Technologies, as well as practitioners of the latest productization methodologies from fast-paced startups.

We work on software, hardware and service-based products. Our current and past client list includes leaders in a wide variety of industries including Enterprise Finance Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Sales Solutions, Drone, Mobile Messaging & Marketing, and Aircraft industries.